First Nine Weeks Benchmark Review

Unit 1 Review:

Review the SOLs: Click on the links to play some review games & see some study guides for this unit.

1. Fundamental Principles Principles Match
2. Fundamental Principles #2 Fun Rags to Riches
3. Duties/Responsibilities Duties Fling
4. Citizenship Review C-ship Fling
5. Definitions of Fundamental Principles Fun Define
6. More Principles Match Match Again
7. Civic Duties Review Duties
8. Traits of Citizens Traits
9. Duties/Responsibilities Column Match Duties Columns
10. Citizenship Crossword Puzzle Puzzle
11. Citizenship Match-up Citizen Match
12. Citizenship Pop-up Questions Pop-up
13. Becoming a Citizen Mixup Become
14. Traits of Citizens Quiz Traits
15. The Great First Amendment Quiz (How much do you really know?) Cool Quiz

Unit 2 Review:

Use the links found below to review the content of this unit.

1. Fundamental Principles Match Principles

2. Fundamental Principles #2 Principles 2

3. Principles Rags to Riches Rags Game

4. Principles and Documents Flash Cards Cards

5. Walk the Plank Fundamentals Plank

6. Preamble Mix-up Preamble

7. Preamble Picture Perfect Preamble again

8. Constitution and the Documents Millionaire

9. 20 Second Match--Principles (This is hard!) Hurry!!

10. Penalty Shoot-Out Basics Soccer!

11. Documents Matching Documents

12. Documents Rags to Riches Documents Again

13. Documents 13 Questions Multiple Choice

Unit 3 Review:

Review this unit by playing the games listed below.

1. Parties and Elections Flashcards Cards

2. Role of Parties Role

3. Parties and Elections match up elect

4. Parties and PACS fun quiz PACS

5. Parties and Campaigns Big Matching

6. Mini Quiz Voting

7. Walk the Plank Elections Plank

8. Hoops Game Hoops

9. Soccer Review! Let's face it. This is the REAL sport!

10. Grade or No Grade Good Game

11. Fling the Teacher Fling

12. More Hoops Review More