American Citizenship: Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities

Who Are the Citizens of the U. S.? Watch this movie to find out!

This short video was created by the Ad Council in response to the events of 9/11. Click on this link to find the source of and background information about of the video. Source

How does someone become a citizen of the U.S.? What makes someone a GOOD citizen? What are the duties, rights, and responsibilities of U. S. citizens? What freedoms do U. S. citizens enjoy? You will answer these questions as you study this unit.


Use the study maps listed below by clicking on the links to review the SOLs that are taught in this unit.

1. Process of Becoming a Citizen. CE 3a Becoming a citizen
•A citizen is an individual with certain rights and duties under a government and who, by birth or by choice, owes allegiance to that
2. Duties of Citizens. CE 3c Citizen duties
•For government to be effective, citizens must fulfill their civic duties.
3. Responsibilities of Citizens. CE 3d Responsibilities
•A basic responsibility of citizenship is to contribute to the common good.
4. First Amendment Freedoms of Citizens CE 3b Freedoms
•The Constitution of the United States of America establishes and protects the citizens’ fundamental rights and liberties.
•Few rights, if any, are considered absolute.

Watch a video of the First Amendment being read by some very familiar people. Watch!
5. Community Needs and Serving the Public Good CE 3e Public Good
•A democratic society requires the active participation of its citizens.
6. Traits of a Good Citizen CE 4a, b,c, d, e Good Citizen
•Thoughtful and effective participation in civic life depends upon the exercise of good citizenship.

Important Words!

Unit Vocabulary: Click on the links and copy the definitions into your notebook as assigned by your teacher. Copy the first sentence in each link unless your teacher tells you differently.

1. citizenship Citizen
2. rights rights
3. duties/civic responsibility (Copy the first three sentences.) duties
4. allegiance (Use definition number 2.) allegiance
5. 14th Amendment (Name the 3 clauses found in the amendment.)14th
6. naturalization naturalize
7. immigration immigrate

8. First Amendment (Copy the first two sentences.) First

9. Freedoms of the First Amendment (Copy the second sentence.)Freedoms
10. due process due

11. jury duty jury

12. taxes (Copy definition number 1.) tax

13. League of Women Voters league

14. patriotism patriot

Citizenship and You

How do you become a citizen? Click on the link and read about it! How?

Duties and Responsibilities of Citizens

Read the chart shown below. What are the duties of a citizen? Make a hot dog fold in a sheet of notebook paper. Fold it to the red left hand margin line. Don't cover the holes in the paper when you fold it. Write "Duties of Citizens" below the red margin line. Cut the folded flap into 5 sections. Write each duty on one of the five flaps. Draw your own picture and description for each duty under each flap. Keep it in your notebook.
Make another flip page for the traits of a good citizen. Fold your paper in the same way as above. Click on study map #6 above to find the traits of a good citizen. Use them to make your flip page. Keep it in your notebook next to the page about the duties of a citizen.

How to be a good citizen! Good information for Project Citizen!

What, exactly does a good citizen do? Click on the link below to find some movies giving examples of young people like you practicing good citizenship.

To find the movies: (1) click on the link. When the link opens (2) click on "How to Volunteer." Next, (3) click on "Movies and Activities." A window will open that directs you to the movies. Wait for your teacher to give you an assignment before you open a movie. Movies and Activities

Since we're talking about Project Citizen:

Click on this link to see an example of a great Project Citizen portfolio and back board exhibit. Will your project be THIS good? Click on the back board or on the portfolio's binder pages to view the entire project. Portfolio

Review the SOLs: Click on the links to play some review games & see some study guides for this unit.

1. Fundamental Principles Principles Match

2. Fundamental Principles #2 Fun Rags to Riches

3. Duties/Responsibilities Duties Fling

4. Citizenship Review C-ship Fling

5. Definitions of Fundamental Principles Fun Define

6. More Principles Match Match Again

7. Civic Duties Review Duties

8. Traits of Citizens Traits

9. Duties/Responsibilities Column Match Duties Columns

10. Citizenship Crossword Puzzle Puzzle

11. Citizenship Match-up Citizen Match

12. Citizenship Pop-up Questions Pop-up

13. Becoming a Citizen Mixup Become

14. Traits of Citizens Quiz Traits

15. The Great First Amendment Quiz (How much do you really know?) Cool Quiz